WHY DO A STYLED SHOOT // Styled shoots happen for a myriad of reasons. Two of the most important reasons being to get published in a blog or magazine or to build your portfolio (and show off who your ideal client is). We LOVE styled shoots because it gives us a space to be creative and dream big, without having too many constraints.  

HOW IT WORKS // You'll give us the basics, and we will run with your ideas and design using our expertise.

Things to think about...

ELEMENTS // What are your must-haves for the shoot? Do you see it in a field with navy and marsala? Do you want a watercolor wedding gown? Do you envision mahogany chairs with black water goblets on farm tables?

VENDORS // Who are vendors you have already talked to about this shoot and lined up? Who do you want to work with?

LOCATION // Do you have a specific location in mind? Or are you sure you want an indoor venue with brick walls? Or a mountain top witha view?

DATE // Think about the time frame; do you want a winter wedding with snow? A summer wedding during golden hour?

BUDGET // Most styled shoots range in pricing from $200-$800 (or more) depending on the details and logistics. Often times, this budget pays for wholesale floral costs, items that need to be purchased, shipping expenses, or other things.

CONTRACT // Upon being approved for a styled shoot, we will send you a contract with a date, budget, and expectations laid out for you to sign; we will then countersign it.

WHAT'S NEXT // So, after you've thought about the above topics, head over to our styled shoots portfolio, then on to the application process by submitting your idea. We can't wait to hear what you've been dreaming up and see if we're a good fit!