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Styled shoots happen for a myriad of reasons. Two of the most important reasons being to get published in a blog or magazine or to build your portfolio. Maybe you’re trying to attract your ideal client or change your personal style. We work with you to create images that showcase your talent!  We LOVE styled shoots because it gives us a space to be creative and dream big, without having too many real life constraints.



brand-builder styled shoot planning and design // starting at $250 plus travel

This basic fee takes care of the time and expertise associated with the planning and design of your shoot! While styled shoots are typically for trade, there are some hard costs associated with putting together a concept that has never been seen before. We partner with the best vendors whenever we can but sometimes we cannot avoid rental delivery fees, or flower costs. We will work with your additional design budget to create the size and specific shoot details in order to make the best use of your money! Have you seen rose gold flatware that makes you have heart-eyes for days? Unique napkins never seen in a rental companies inventory? These are just a few examples of what that additional budget will be used for. Additional budgets can range from $250-1500 depending on the magnitude and design of the shoot.



Do you have a specific location, image or detail you want to use as inspiration for your images? We will have you create a Pinterest board to compile all of your ideas in one space. Then we will have a e-meeting to discuss your board as well as answer any questions you may have! 


We, as a team, go through (and through, and through) your ideas, pinterest boards, and our e-meeting notes to curate something that you will fall in love with. Something that hasn't been done before, and more importantly help you to hone in on your ideal client. Something so rad that only you could pull it off! We work with all sorts of vendors to gather quotes and swatches and we bring your design to life. Often times rental companies, vintage rental companies, ribbon companies, bakeries, models, etc will provide their services in trade for incredible photos but, sometimes (especially during high season) these are costs that are unavoidable. You will be presented with a design proposal that will go over all aspects of the styled shoot outlining any costs.  


Once you've given us the basics, and we will run with your ideas and design using our expertise. You'll show up the day of the shoot with your vision brought to life!



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