You're a #bixbyandpinebride if...

Here we go, dolls! Over the past few weeks we have been diving in to what really makes our hearts happy + who our ideal #bixbyandpinebride is. While she's not someone who can be put in a box, she is someone who we would stay up late talking with, someone we would go on our wine tour with, someone we would send crazy-silly emojis to. She's rad, adventurous + most important...she's authentic.

While you get to see our favorite wedding trends with our Things We Love series, this series will be dedicated to really dissecting who a #bixbyandpinebride through photos + aspects to a wedding that make us whole-heartedly thrilled, send each other heart eye emojis for days, jump up + down uncontrollably + maybe even squeal (literally squeal) out of excitement.

You can get a very good idea of who she is by looking at our portfolio (don't forget that our new website is launching soon + we will be showcasing some of our FAVORITE weddings soon). You also know her because you follow us on instagram (right? WHAT? YOU DON'T? GET ON IT! @bixbyandpine).

Here goes our one-liner:

You're a #bixbyandpinebride if you want an outdoor winter wedding!

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz Fine Art Photography

If an outdoor wedding is what you've dreamed of + you love the winter season, we are the team for you! We can imagine it now...big portable heaters, a bon fire, blankets to snuggle up in, lights + candles everywhere. Just thinking about it makes us giddy. If you're giddy too, contact us today!

Stay tuned for more on this series!


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