You'll Never Guess How We Met This Girl | Balboa Park Bridal Shoot | Sarah Anne Photography | San Diego, California

Usually Tay has NO issues asking any and everyone for their number, their instagram handle, or straight up "you're pretty, will you model in a shoot for us?!" But she was having a majorly off day and as we sat inside the Better Buzz coffeehouse, she told us all she would buy coffee for whomever asked the girl next to us to model for us. 

Luckily Sarah is pretty much just as ballsy as Taylor is, because she leaned over, tapped the pretty blonde's shoulder and said "Hi, I don't mean to interrupt but we're in the wedding industry from Seattle and we're looking for a couple of models for a couple of shoots--would you be interested?" Where she then proceeded to show off our Instagrams so that this chick knew we were like legit, real-life people.

After verifying our real-ness, Alexis (who we learned was a freaking BRIDAL HAIR AND MAKEUP ARTIST) agreed to be a part of our shoot.

And we're sure glad she did!


The Girls of B+P!

Vendors: Photographer: Sarah Anne Photography | Design/Florals: Bixby + Pine | Makeup and Hair: Alexis Nicholas | Ribbon: Honey Silks Co | Gown Designer: Hayley Paige


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