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We want to share a company with you guys that we are loving right now!! Basic Invite is changing the game when it comes to simplifying your wedding invitation process. They've made it soooo easy for you and also left you with plenty of options so that you feel in control and like you are truly customizing the whole suite to your weddings vibe!! 

You might be thinking "well they probably don't have my exact color scheme"...wrong--they have over 180 colors to choose from so I think you're set! You might also be thinking, "I'd love to see and feel it before I actually place my order". Well, YOU CAN!! And they even let you customize the sample so you can see EXACTLY what you would be ordering--something that their competitors are certainly missing!

Basic Invite recently made things even easier for you--check out their Seal & Send page where you quite literally just have to seal & send your invitations out. Takes all the extra work out of it for you couples who are busy and on the go.

We want to touch on a few other things that Basic Invite offers. They have dozens and dozens and dozens of different Save the Date designs that you can choose from and we are certain that you'll find one that you LOVE--check them out here. We also think that there are little elements that can really add a ton to your overall design (think table numbers or coasters for your bar area). Basic Invite even offers place cards to make it easy on you--love your wedding invitation design and want to implement it on your tables, there you go--place cards!  These are some fun areas that can really dress things up and make the table feel extra special! 

Okay, enough of our blabbing--we snagged a few different suites and wanted to show them off. First up is this black and white, modern and cool invite that really fits a lot of wedding day vibes, but we LOVE it for a destination wedding invite:

Bixby + Pine_0005.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0007.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0010.jpg

This invite is BEAUTIFUL and it could fit SO many wedding vibes.

Bixby + Pine_0012.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0013.jpg

And lastly, and maybe our favorite, this modern ombre suite:

Bixby + Pine_0003.jpg
Bixby + Pine_0004.jpg

Also, we saved one of the samples we ordered for Wedventure Workshop Week shoots next week (eeeeek), so you'll have to stay tuned for those bts on our Instagram story.

And if you wanna check out Basic Invite, you can follow along on any of their social media channels:

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