Two Apps You Know You're Not Using, But You Should Be

There are certain apps that make your life so much easier!! We made a list full of our favorite ones AND we are going to tell you why we love them and how we utilize them. You might be thinking, I’m not a wedding planner so this wont apply to me, WRONG!!!!!! It will. You’ll love it. We promise.

Here are a few that we’d be lost without—

Honeybook—this app allows us to always know where we are at with all of our clients. It holds all of our contracts, schedules payments, it handles all things back end for us. It shows us our availability and if we have other inquiries for the same date that someone is reaching out about—it’s a life saver, if you ask us. 

Tiny Calendar—this is how we all sync up and stay on the same schedule. We put everything in this app—think…who’s making lunch today, which day we need to take the garbage out on, when our client’s birthdays are…EVERYTHING!!!! 

Okay that’s enough for now : )

Click the link here to download our free (YES FREE) resource guide: apps and programs we love. 


The Girls of B+P!

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