Workation: Monday 2.0 // Girls Night Out // Bixby + Pine

OMG. Monday night got a little...CRAZY (read: AWESOME). It was Sammy Mac's birthday, and we wanted to celebrate her and let loose, so we snagged an Uber, headed downtown, and started out night at a Thai restaurant. (You'll later learn that we basically stayed there the whole night except as we walked up the street to get to our Uber...).

I sent Emma a text asking her to take Sam to the bathroom so we could set up some birthday decorations Alicia had picked up, and the second she was out of site we whipped it all together. Emma couldn't stall much so she came out at the tail end of set up, but we had a tablecloth, confetti, party horns, streamers, a tiara, the whole nine!

We quickly ordered drinks and enjoyed the hell out of them--between the moscow mule I had and a couple sips of everyone's drinks and BAM tequila shots for the whole table! And then another round. And dear god, do I dare tell you? Another round. By the end of the night, I even asked the manager if our server and busboy could have a shot--TO WHICH HE SAID YES! Woohoo! Shots for literally EVERYONE!


We stumbled out of the restaurant after shutting it down (for real) and made our way up the sidewalk. We took frequent breaks to dance, sing, and shout. We finally made it to our Uber pick up spot and I decided a small break would be nice--so I laid down in front of Sephora. After that we danced more and carried on, and a couple of security guards came to check on us. I think a couple of us were mortified, but I however, was not. This is the norm for me when I decide to drink once a month or every other month. It's just the way it goes!

After waiting and waiting and waiting, Emma realized a cop had circled back several times to just see what was up, and he finally stopped to make sure we were okay. I proceeded to ask him for wings. You know, like the kind a pilot gives to a little kid or Miss Washington? Yeah, I asked the POLICE OFFICER for a PAIR OF WINGS...lord have mercy. He was sweet, and my friends pulled me away.


And some people might regret showing you these snippets...but not me! I'm all about living life to it's fullest and having a freaking ball! So...enjoy :)

After we made it home, we headed to the hot tub with a bottle of vodka (I think?). We jumped in the cold pool, picked oranges off the tree, told secrets, and laughed a whole lot. One by one each lady made her way to her bed, and in true Taylor fashion, I was one of the last two standing--Alicia, that girl can HANG! We finally made our way to bed.