What Should I Wear To A Winter Wedding? // Winter Wedding Looks // Bixby + Pine

Okay guys, we are noticing some trends that we think will be sticking around for a while. And you’re in luck because they are perfect pieces for you to wear to a winter wedding! We won’t keep you waiting, let’s dive right in!!

The first thing we are loving is the high boots...who doesn’t love a thigh high boot AND who doesn’t appreciate the heat that those bad boys trap?! AMIRIGHT? Second is the sweater dress. This is a way for you to be a tad more casual while still being totally dressed for the occasion. Win win if you ask us! Oh, and pair these two bad boys together and you're SUPER set.


And lastly we are dying over anything that includes a leather jacket. This style may just be our personal favorite. Being able to dress a leather jacket down AND still be able to wear it to a fancier function, yes please—sign us up!


Okay, there you have it. Now go shop! And let us know what you end up wearing to your winter weddings.


The Girls of B+P


These ideas are all from Pinterest--and can easily be found at your local Forever 21, Target, Nordstrom, Zara, or anything in between!