Why I Deliver Teasers To My Wedding Clients Almost Immediately | A Guest Post by Sarah of Sarah Anne Photography

Hello friends,

Today’s topic is one that has baffled me for as long as I’ve been a wedding photographer. If I had a nickel for every time a person told me “Yeah, I had to wait like 6 months to see my wedding photos” or “Our photographer only posted 1 photo and we waited months to see the rest”….I WOULD BE A GAZZILIONAIRE and would no longer need to work. Dang, I should start collecting.

If you have ever met me, known me, stalked my work or followed my Facebook page, you would know that I am ALL ABOUT A BIG PREVIEW. Some other photographers will have their reasons why they do not do as large of previews as I do….to each their own. But personally, I believe you are worthy of having a good handful of photos right away and here’s why.

Perhaps you had a simple intimate wedding, or something grand and spectacular but for some reason, certain people couldn’t attend the wedding celebrations. More than likely, those people are important family or friends who may be prevented by distance or illness and they too, are excited to see your day. Those are the people I think about when I’m creating your preview and what would be important for them to see. 


I give my brides and grooms somewhere between 25-35 images (an image from all the big moments) to share on social media the very next day after their wedding..even if I have a double header or triple header weekend. I know that images are not only important to my couples but also to those who could not attend and who were not there for all the little moment in between the big ones. These are the photos that are sent to Grandma’s phone on the other side of the country and these are the photos that are thumbed through on cell phone between my couple as they curl up in the morning reliving the day that flew by. 

An example of one of my favorite images to share, is either the first look prior to ceremony or the couple right after the ceremony. Why? Because these are intimate moments where I have been gifted the invitation to attend and witness. These are small moments that are not “for show” or for “the photo of the year”, they are just people being human and they are usually the most meaningful and the most raw. 

So while confetti is still on the floor, your dress is slumped in a corner, I want you to have these images in your hand so that you can say “wow, this really happened yesterday!”



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