Friends, if you didn’t know already (I’m sure you have heard) I have a one-year-old. A FREAKING ONE-YEAR-OLD…I don’t have a little baby anymore-what the hell!!!! 

Current obsessions // Decorating my new house, finding the perfect wall décor piece to add to my collection, and getting rid of everything in my life that I no longer need #getridofclutter!  

Favorite Song // For Her by Chris Lane. I have multiple personality disorder when it comes to music. I either listen to country 24/7 or Top 40 although not at the same time. I have country kicks and Top 40 moments.

Food // It should be no surprise that I LOVE Mexican food- I’ve told you all approximately 20 million times. My current Mexican food obsession is taco soup or taco salad.   

Product // The other girls picked a beauty product but if you know me well you would know you won’t hardly ever find nail polish on my nails or makeup on my face on the daily. And sadly you can’t even blame that on motherhood, I was this way before I had AJ #oops #aintnobodygottimeforthat #iworkwithkidsandtheytouchmyface. Instead my fav product currently is the level app on my phone, yep you heard that right an actual level (like to make sure things are level) app. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to hang all my wall hangings straight!

Show // I love Greys Anatomy and Notorious on ABC. So sad they are currently on break!

New and Noteworthy // Well, I have a one-year-old now and she is sassy as ever. I am finally all moved in to my new house and love it more every second- it’s absolutely perfect for my family.


Photography // Jamie J Photo


Something I Learned // I have been busting my butt trying to get my house finished before the holidays and I have accomplished that, although I have learned that I need to alter my expectations and let it be ok if something I set out to finish doesn’t get finished in my perfect timeline. Life is messy and sometimes you have to let it be that way.

B+P Update // We are currently working up designs that have never been seen before and I really hope they live up to the expectations in my head! We are also gearing up for busy season… was there ever a non-busy season?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are taking this holiday season to rest and be thankful for all that you have- I know I am!