We're STYLING Wedventure Workshop Week and YOU BETTER COME!

Yep, you read that right: We’re STYLING Wedventure Workshop Week next month in Bend, Oregon and we. can’t. wait.

We’ve been longtime fans of Wedventure Magazine—like, have you ever TOUCHED the magazine? Literally just touching it gets us giddy (it’s a special kind of paper). But on top of that, the content is SO beautiful and valuable and inspirational for couples who are planning their weddings.

When the founder, Cali, reached out to us, we honest-to-god did a happy dance. We talked lots and came to the conclusion that we’d be styling a few shoots EACH DAY of the workshop (WHAT?!?!). So what that means is that while core classes are going on, we’re setting up and styling these INCREDIBLE shoots we have planned. And the best part: As a core class attendee, you get to come to these shoots and shoot your heart out! And if you aren’t a core class attendee, you can come and shoot (and have dinner after with everyone) for only $300 per day. And guys, with the number and scale of shoots we have planned, OMG, this is WILDLY worth it.

So what are we waiting for?! Let’s show off the mood boards so you can hit “add to cart” on the Wedventure website here.

Monday’s shoots:

Colorfull + Bold2.png
Tribal Prints2.png
Warm Neutrals2.png

Tuesday’s shoots:

Boho Glam2.png
Miss Honey's Wedding2.png

Wednesday’s shoot (it’s gonna be HUGE):


The moral of the story is we have FUCKING AWESOME vendors on board and we’re still finalizing some of the vendors, but guys, this is not something you wanna miss. Like, at all. It’s just not.

If you’ve got a question about it, reach out ASAP…because tickets are going so fast!


The Girls of B+P