We Started Another Business!

Ho.ly. Shit. We're FINALLY announcing this. Some of you know (because you utilize our services or you've been very observant on IG) that we have added a new thing  to our business--business growth and development as well as some virtual assistant work and designing.

So, what does this mean for our wedding clients? NOTHING! We love hard on our wedding clients and have been doing BOTH of these businesses for a while now (some of you are like, what, I had no idea!).

And what does this mean for YOU? Well, if you're a business, and you're looking to grow and expand, we can help! If you're looking for email management, we can help! If you're looking for (insert your word here), we can help!


Here's a list of SOME of the things we do, but if you have a question, let us know!

  • brand story/direction

  • social media management

  • blogging

  • email inbox management

  • client workflow development/management (from inquiry to booking to providing your service)

  • client onboarding

  • investment/welcome guide design and creation

  • calendar management

  • Pinterest management/growth

  • client gifting/thank you's

  • bookkeeping

  • website creation/management

  • growth/development strategy and implementation

  • newsletter content writing and implementation

  • content photoshoots

It can be all of these things or just a couple--we have clients we manage in all areas of their business and then some that we simply do social media management for.

The nitty gritty: We set you up with a plan that's specific to your business. For some, this is a one-off project, but for most it's a six-month contract where we're working in and on your business.

Right now we're at capacity, but if you want to be the first to know when we're taking on new clients, email us or shoot us a message. We anticipate that we'll be opening up a couple of spots in February, but we'll be working on a first come, first serve basis, as long as we all feel like we're the best fit for you!

You can find us on Instagram here.


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