Guys…I want to tell you about something really fun that we got to do. We got to work with a stylist for our newest website photos that Lora Grady Photography took of us!! 

Ari from Style by Ari was uh-mazing to us!! We learned about her when a friend of ours, Tonie Christine, got to work with her. You can read about her experience here.

So, basically we fell in love with this idea and knew we needed to reach out to Ari. You guys…she was fantastic!! We are a lot to handle, the four of us, and she didn't even skip a beat. She facetimed with us and reviewed all of our Pinterest boards so she could get a good grasp on exactly what our style was! We are all super similar, but with our own twist on things

So we gave Ari the task of capturing our personal styles while keeping in mind that we would be taking group photos…so these outfits had to be cohesive…yeah, just a small task!

We met with her over in Bellevue Square since there's better shopping on that side of the water :) We missed a ferry making us really late  (who would've known that it would be so busy on Mother's Day...) but Ari stayed late with us just to get all of the shopping in--shopping for four isn't the quickest process. We ended up having a blast and all walking away with some really fab pieces. We may have showed up late to Mother's Day dinner…that we were hosting…but our families are so understanding and knew not to come between a girl and her closet! 

Take a look at some the shots below to see how she styled us!

Photography by Lora Grady Photography // Hair by Rogue Styling // Make Up by Blush by Brenna // Styling by Style by Ari