Vendor Appreciation Dinner | Ridgewood Films

Okay, couple of things: Jaimie and Brandon of Ridgewood Films are two of our favorite people. We've traveled together near and far. We've bon fired. We've shared meals. We've worked together on weddings and in coffee shops. Basically what we're getting at is that we're industry friends with Jaimie and Brandon AND real life friends. 

They did a really rad things this year where they spoiled their favorite vendors--you know, the vendors that champion for them and help their business flourish. We were so thrilled to make that list (we had a couple weddings with them in 2017 and several other film projects, they came to our Mexico wedding, and they are coming to our Oregon wedding in August to film!!). To say we love them is kinda an understatement--we FREAKING love them!

Okay, onto the vendor appreciation dinner they held...

They made this a girls night (yay), and took us to the freaking Melting Pot in Bellevue. While Ash and Jordan had been there before, Tay had never! Picture this: 7 women, some of our most favorite women, sitting around dipping fruits and veggies and breads in cheese--YUM. Then we moved to salads and then onto our main course--meats (well, meats for everyone except Jordan, the resident vegetarian). 

After dinner, we had chocolate fondue (duh). And even Taylor, the non-chocolate-lover enjoyed it. THEN, Jaimie showered us with GIFTS! Yeah, for real! She gave us all a gift bag full of some of her favorite things--which: wine, pens with cuss words, lip balm--yeah, these are some of our favorite things too.

Bixby + Pine Ridgewood Films Vendor Appreciation Dinner

Jaimie and Brandon--thank you for spoiling us and creating an experience that we won't soon forget!

These two are people you WANT on your wedding day team. They are caring, kind, funny, and down for AN.Y.THING. For real.


The Girls of B+P