Vantage, Washington | Laurken Kendall | Carena + Garrett | Bixby + Pine

Well guys, it's almost the end of September which means it's almost October. That means it's almost Carena + Garrett's wedding!!!!!! These two people are the definition of laid back and cool. They have been THE EASIEST to work with and constantly tell us how cool WE are  (glad we have them tricked!!). 


Carena + Garrett loved everything about their design when we presented it to them, they let us pick some of the coolest vendors to pull this project together, and they have just been 'yes girls' throughout this whole process. Their wedding is a couple weeks away and we are truly so excited for it to be here!


Let me tell you a few of the details to hold you over until we have actual photos to share--they are bringing in a Photo Booth, are ENCOURAGING shots to be taken (shots shots shots shots shots ), are serving grub that needs wet naps, and will be dancing the night away with a playlist that is VERY well put together. You will certainly see some photos of us on the dance floor with a drink (read: shot...shots) in our hand. 


For now, check out these photos that Laurken captured of them. 


The Girls of B+P