#ToniesFavThings Bride Night | Tonie Christine Photography

Last month we got to help love on alllll of Tonie Christine's brides at her 'Tonie's Favorite Things-Bride Night' event. She puts this event on once a year where she SPOILS her brides and shares TONS of goodies with them that are some of her favorite products and companies. If you are a bride of hers, you won't want to miss it next year!!! 

I'm going to walk you through the night(hopefully you won't have too much FOMO after this break down!)--

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Tonie's brides were met at the door with a sweet glass of champagne. They were treated to a super cute little lip bar--yes, a lip bar...like, head over to the chair and have Jen from Jen Lagers (makeup and hair stylist) spoil you. They snacked on a homemade charcuterie board full of meats and cheeses and crackers as well as a few other yummy yummy treats(think macaroons, cookies, fruit and cheese kabobs, etc.). We served a Marnie Rae mocktail--a spicy grapefruit margarita--and boy oh boy was it delicious!

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Every year Tonie showers her brides with gifts and also has her brides bring a wrapped present containing something that is their absolute favorite(think favorite book, candle scent, face cream that they swear by!!). They then do a gift exchange and all go home with another brides favorite product--such a fun idea, right?!?

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There was a photo booth set up (thanks Smirk Photo Booth!!) for the girls to play around with! Props, champagne and a dozen girls--SO MUCH FUN!!

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We laughed, ate, chatted, and overall just had such a wonderful and fun evening!!

Special shout out to one of our favorites--Jaimie from Ridgewood Films. She's always down to lend a helping hand, make last minute target runs, wrap presents(without enough wrapping paper)...really she's just such a good friend to all of us!!

Check out all of the vendors that contributed to this rad night : )

Swag Bag contributors: Bixby + Pine | Smirk Photo Booth | The Mrs. Box | Borcik Jewelry | Indigo Plum | Wedventure Magazine | Jen Lagers | Infinity Lashes | Plant Crafting Co | Marnie Rae | Ridgewood Films

Giveaway contributors: Love Story: Ridgewood Films | Mocktail Box: Marnie Rae | Lash Set: Infinity Lashes | Purse: Indigo Plum | Necklace: Borcik Jewelry | Ring Box + Gem Pen: The Mrs. Box