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Today we are going to cover three ways to help grow your business.

The first is to stay up on your Instagram. Having a strong insta-game can really help to keep you relevant. Make sure you are picking photos that speak to your audience, and make sure you are hashtagging words and phrases that your ideal clients would be searching...this is something we are always learning more about!! Does anyone have any great hashtags that we should be know of? Check out our instagram here. Our goal was to hit 2k followers by the end of the year...and baby, today, we're at 2028! SAY WHAT?! We are intentionally, and authentically growing and finding people who love what we do. It's a fun community to build.

Finding a mentor in your creative field that isn't afraid to share their secrets with you is a HUGE help in growing your know,  #communityovercompetition. We've been so lucky wit our mentor, Kat from Dear Sweetheart Events, who has truly helped us in all of the areas that have felt scary or we've been unsure of along this journey. Being able to shoot her an email or have a Skype date has been so helpful and reassuring for us. Technology has certainly made being across the country a whole lot easier on our friendship!

Building relationships is so so SO important in growing a successful business. Not only is it so important to have a strong relationship with your clients, but what about the other people that go into making an event perfect? Reaching out prior to an event to introduce yourself and say hello, can really go a long way--a small hello card sends other creatives over the moon! A hand written thank you goes far. If you are anything like us, we LOVE getting mail!!!

Photography // Lora Grady Photography

Tell us a few of your secrets that you've noticed have really helped your business!


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