I haven't written one of these in a while, so I felt like it was a tad overdue!!

I want to share with you a few things we are OBSESSED with.

1 // Let's start with Snapchat...need I say more?!?!?! How did we live our lives before they made this app?!?!?! And why didn't we know about it sooner? You thought it was just for high school girls to send pics to their crushes? NOPE! We use Snapchat to show our friends, family, and followers what goes down behind-the-scenes. We are a little more, well, honest there...a little more free...and a little more, how should we say it? We cuss there a lot more. So, follow us if you want to see our lives in an imperfect, unintentional, hilarious way.  This filter is a close second to the Bumblebee one 😂😂😂, ya feel me?!

Snapchat: bixbyandpine

2 // We absolutely love our Hawks!!!! We all have our Sunday rituals...I won't name names but *cough cough TAYLOR* is always forced to take a nap during the game. That's one way we make sure our boys do good!! So if we are ever should probably text Taylor to make sure she's asleep 😴

3 // Another thing we are going gah-gah over are floaties...yes, like a pool floaty!! #thegirlsofbp are taking a trip to HAWAII early next year and we are determined to fill our pool full of the best floaties!!! So far we have a slice of pizza, a donut, a black swan, a unicorn, a flamingo and little random drink floaties too! What are we missing?!?!  And you can believe that #BabyAJ will be floating around in her pink flamingo. Tell us what we MUST take with us!

Photography // Dawn Photography 

I've got plenty more to share with you, but I'll save it for another day 😘