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We hope you're singing Chris Brown's "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" right now! That's goal one of two for this post. Goal two, well for that you'll have to keep reading.

It's very common to have disagreements about the way someone is running their business, and that's okay, but how do you handle those disagreements when they could directly effect you and your business? Perhaps you're working with someone on a wedding, or a styled shoot, or you're partnering on a workshop or event. How can you turn those disagreements into positive forms of communication that help provide resolve, when you could so easily be resentful or overbearing?

You probably hang out with people who are a lot like you, right? Well, because we've been friends since we were little tykes, this is the case for us--many of our opinions and views are almost exactly the same! Sometimes, when we're not on the same page, it can feel like an attack on one of our opinions--sometimes this is just how nature works, but we also realize we can be quite sensitive--and often times, as creatives, we feel all the feels, all the time. When those instances happen, we pretty much instantly turn to laughter and start yinging (yell-singing) "THESE HOES AIN'T LOYAL" and that can instantly turn a slightly tense situation into one of comedic relief.

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By now you're like, Okay, but how do you actually deal with conflict and disagreement besides breaking out in song like a freaking musical? And the answer is: it varies. Sometimes, we don't move past it very easily, and it ends in tears streaming down faces, heads on desks, and deep jabs--hey, we know it's not necessarily the right way to go, but we're only human. And sometimes, we talk about it and state our reasons for our opinion, and we try to see it from the other person's perspective--hard, yes. Helpful, for sure.

We've been able to get through most conflict in a single night, but every now and again it takes a few days. Sometimes we seek outside counsel, individually, and that helps us sort out our feelings on a subject with a non-bias (usually) point of view. Sometimes we contact others in our industry, who can offer advice based on their own personal experiences. And sometimes, you just give in because it matters more to the other person than it does to you. That's friendship. That's business. That's life.

So the next time you find yourself in disagreement with someone else in business, think of these three steps:

1 // Ying (yell-sing) a funny song.

2 // Communicate--and overcommunicate.

3 // Take time to seek outside help from an unbiased source, seek advice from someone in your industry, decide who this matters to most.

Now, if you ever hear us yinging Chris Brown as we're setting up a wedding, you'll know instantly that there's been some sort of disagreement, and you should probably keep your eyes peeled for some excitement (our conflict-resolution process is colorful and full of passion).


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