Hi friends! 

We thought it would be cool to start a new blog series where you get to learn more about the girls of B+P on a personal level! 

Here are 10 fun facts about myself that not everybody knows :)

1 // I am a flight attendant when I’m not planning and designing so it's no surprise that I love to travel! My mom and I try to go on a few big trips every year. Next year we are planning a trip to Italy and another trip to Ireland! #thegirlsofbp are also going to Hawaii in January and February!! Talk about a busy schedule!

2 // I do a lot of the flowers around here at BPHQ. And while I am pretty self taught, I am always researching new designs and techniques!

3 // I am a total old soul. I like to go the bed early, drink tea in the evenings, knit in front of the TV, and sew baby blankets!

4 // I have a pretty great boyfriend named Alex. He is a little camera shy but with a girlfriend like me he will get used to random photoshoots eventually!

5 // I love to cook and bake especially around the holidays. There is always a pile of baked goods on the counter and I love trying new recipes for dinner. In another life I could be Ree Drummond and I would love it!

6 // My two favorite TV shows of all time are One Tree Hill and Sex and the City. If I am having a bad day, I put on an episode of either one and I feel much better!

7 // I LOVE to shop! I am a total shoe girl and I mostly shop for clothes but I do have a soft spot for home decor!  A few of my favorite stores are Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, Anthropologie, Zara, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and World Market.

8 // I have loved Taylor Swift from the first moment  heard Tim McGraw for the first time! Ashley and I had pit tickets to her show in Seattle a few years ago and Ashley got to touch her hand because her arms are so long but mine were just too short!!!

9 // I am the nap queen of B+P. If you follow us on snapchat you can see me sleeping at pretty much any opportunity; the other girls are always jealous!

10 // My favorite part about Bixby + Pine is working with my best friends. Even when we are swamped with clients and shoots and to do lists, we always manage to have a good time and it makes work not feel so bad. And that’s what life is all about right?!

You can follow me on Instagram and snapchat @xoxocarsonmarie! Check back in December for an update.