No...not that 'C' word guys!!!

Hey guys, it's Jordan. Earlier this month #thegirlsofbp were hit with some pretty big news that kind of made us stop in our tracks. I got a call letting me know I had cancer...yes, that 'C' word. Nothing can properly prepare you for hearing those words.

The doctors found a lump on the left side of my thyroid and after doing a biopsy we found out that it was malignant (cancerous). The lump is two and a half centimeters big and that makes it a pretty big one. They will remove my entire thyroid and I will be on a thyroid supplement for the rest of my life.

There are so many things left unknown at this point BUT one thing we do know is that it's definitely time to get this out of me!!!! Today is the day for is my surgery day! So many answers will come out of this day, so many unknowns will begin to be known! More biopsies will be done, full body scans are coming soon, and lots of follow up appointments will be scheduled.

Now time for some FAQs!

Q // Are you dying?!?!?
A // No way!!! I have way too much left to do in this lifetime!! Thankfully the survival rate from this is in the high 90s so that's encouraging.

Q // Will you have a nasty scar?
A // Not if I can help it!! I will be having a plastic surgeon close me up, so hopefully it'll be a pretty scar :) I also will start using Mederma RELIGIOUSLY--Mederma with SPF (that's super important for scars).

Q // Will you lose your hair?
A // Not if I have any say!!! 😂😂 I like my hair way too much to lose it. As long as the cancer hasn't spread, treating it might be rather simple.

Q // Can we help in any way?!
A // Great question. I have a huge village and am so so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life! I don't know if you can help...I've never had anything like this happen before (duh...I've never had cancer). I'm guessing I'll be down and out for the first few I probably won't be up for visitors, but you can always check in with the girls to see if I'm ready to have people around.

Q // How are you doing with all of this?
A // I am okay. I tend to have a pretty positive outlook on life and I'm grateful for that in moments like this. I am scared, I am nervous, I'm still in shock...but this isn't something that I can't overcome! I am taking this one step at a time and will handle each hurdle as it pops up!

So, send some positive vibes my way if you have some to spare. Today is a big day and I'm nervous!!!!! I appreciate all of your it to God, Buddha, the filing cabinet, or whatever else you may believe in!!! I'm thankful for it all.

Check back next week for an update on how the surgery went and how I'm doing. I may even share a photo of my first time having them!!