The Answer Is Always “No” If You Don’t Ask | How We Got the Chance To be a Part of the Wild & Unwritten Workshop with Peyton Rainey and Kylie Morgan | Kauai, Hawaii

Good morning friends!

If you don’t already know, Taylor is easily stunned—by celebrities (big and small), by industry leaders, by really anybody, BUT she’s also the biggest dreamer of the group—meaning she will totally just ask for what she wants, to really anyone she wants.

So when she saw that we were going to be in Kauai AT THE SAME TIME as the Wild & Unwritten workshop, hosted by Peyton Byford and Kylie Morgan, she knew she had to reach out and ask if they already had stylists on board for the shoot portion of things. When the girls responded with a “no”, Tay instantly knew she had to set up a call to get to know the girls more and see if it could be a good fit. 

We had the call. It was a damn good fit.

Bixby + Pine Wild & Unwritten Peyton Rainey Photography

So, now what did this mean?! Well, it meant we needed to change our flights to push back coming home. It meant we needed to extend our stay at our AirBNB. It meant we needed to plan and design three elopement styled shoots. It meant we were really, really, really freaking happy!

Tomorrow we’ll show off the welcome dinner and then we’ll keep rolling into each of the three elopement shoots, so come back to see all the gorgeousness than ensued.


The Girls of B+P