Vendor Love: Thank You Notes // Bixby + Pine

After a wedding or styled shoot, there are a couple of things we try to do. They're not always done immediately, but we strive to get them done in a timely manner, and one of those things is showing gratitude. This blog post feels super fitting since Thanksgiving just happened ;)

The gratefulness you show to vendors you love afterwards has an impact. Have you ever received a thank you card in the mail? How did it make you feel? The answer is probably somewhere around "pretty damn good!"

Send a Thank You Note

Send. Something. Physical. To. The. Vendor. This started out simply as gesture we wanted to make to help build healthy and positive relationships with our vendors. And then after our first batch started showing up on social media, we pretty much realized it was the best decision business-wise too! People were snapping shots of the tiny packages we'd send with their thank you note and the photos we'd include from the wedding/shoot. 


We were quickly shown that people loved these just as much as we loved sending them out. And it started from the heart, but turned into a good marketing practice too.

If you're not showing gratitude to those in your business world--we hope these two tips resonate with you and encourage you to show some love :)


The Girls of B+P