Rattlesnake Ridge Elopement | Kiley + Dorian | Bixby + Pine

Okay guys, I don't think you all know how much we LOVE elopements...let us tell you, WE LOVE ELOPEMENTS!!! Kiley and Dorian reached out to us to chat about us doing their bouquet for an elopement and instantly we were so excited. Let's start with their location, Rattlesnake Ridge. Rad. Next, photographer. Samantha McFarlen...fuck yes! Now let's move on to their vision for florals. Words like, peonies and floral crowns and 'we trust your vision' were used--and guys, when they come to you with a photo of a bouquet YOU made and say 'we want this', you do a little happy dance! 

Something we want you to understand...WE LOVE DOING FLORALS!!!! Last year really taught us just how true this one for us--our hearts were so happy delivering bouquets to clients and seeing their reactions. If you have an elopement, a wedding, really anything that needs florals, we want to do them!!!!!! Reach out! Let's chat and see if we are the right fit for your big day! 


The Girls of B+P

Photography: @samanthamcfarlen // Florals: @bixbyandpine // HMUA: @lindacrasemakeup

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