For the past year we have chatted about getting a matching problem, we are picky and opinionated. For the first few months we would throw out an idea just for the other three to shut it down (real nice of them, huh). We knew it had to be meaningful to us but we also wanted it to capture two decades of a friendship and the many more  that we have to come. 

It was quite the task, but we finally all agreed on one (praise jesus for the small miracle 😂)!!! We chose a symbol that we felt explain our purpose to a T! 


One word, so simple yet so powerful. This one word spoke greatly to us and we knew that it was exactly what we to actually do it 😉 

Ashley and I already have been in the tattoo chair, so we were itching to get back there. The other two, not so much!!! They drug their feet and weren't ready to set a date 😑 

On the morning of my surgery (click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about) Carson told me that she was ready and we could set a date for sometime after I was better. SWEET, that was the green light we needed. With three of us on board the only natural thing to do was to bully the fourth into going through with it!!

Once a date was set we knew we needed to document this special of course we brought Jaimie with us, DUH 💁 

We all held hands and just went for was over before we knew it. I think you really stress for your first tattoo because of the unexpected territory you are entering, but it's not as bad as your brain hypes it up to be. I promise. 

Once the tattoos were finished (we may have walked out with a total of 6 tattoos amongst the four of us--you can guess who left with two) we were STARVING!!! Time for tacos and was national taco day after all. 

Watch the video below of us getting out tattoos, it won't disappoint. 

We think it is SOOO important to document moments in film. Jaimie has been by our side to capture some of our favorite moments this past year and we are so grateful that we will be able to look back on these forever!