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B+P Client Christmas Gifts // Bixby + Pine

We have played with many ideas in the past for how we want to gift our clients--is it a booking gift? A pre-wedding gift? A day-of wedding gift? A post-wedding gift? An anniversary gift? A Christmas gift? A birthday gift? Oh man, the options are ENDLESS. And guys, we're the gifting type (especially Taylor), and so it will probably always be a work in progress, but this year...this year takes the cake!

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Vendor Love: Thank You Notes // Bixby + Pine

After a wedding or styled shoot, there are a couple of things we try to do. They're not always done immediately, but we strive to get them done in a timely manner, and one of those things is showing gratitude. This blog post feels super fitting since Thanksgiving just happened ;)

The gratefulness you show to vendors you love afterwards has an impact. Have you ever received a thank you card in the mail? How did it make you feel? The answer is probably somewhere around "pretty damn good!"

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Amanda + Heeva // Styled Shoot // Bixby + Pine

Imagine our excitement when Wedding Paper Divas contacted us and asked us to design and style a shoot that had no boundaries (hello, a designers dream!). We played with textures on the table with a food centerpiece, had plenty of wine, and some curated details to tie it all together. The invitation is most certainly one of our favorite parts. We love that the bride is wearing a print as well!

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October Is Almost Here and So Is the Baby! // Newsletter // Bixby + Pine

We're really, really thankful you're here with us, walking this journey. (Yeah, we know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but a little gratitude never hurt nobody!) It's always nice to get some blog love, so if you're still reading this (and we hope you are; we're only three sentences deep!), drop us a line and say hi! Okay, but really, comment below and say hi...

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These Hoes Ain't Loyal // How To Handle Disagreements In Business // Bixby + Pine

We hope you're singing Chris Brown's "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" right now! That's goal one of two for this post. Goal two, well for that you'll have to keep reading.

It's very common to have disagreements about the way someone is running their business, and that's okay, but how do you handle those disagreements when they could directly effect you and your business? Perhaps you're working with someone on a wedding, or a styled shoot, or you're partnering on a workshop or event. How can you turn those disagreements into positive forms of communication that help provide resolve, when you could so easily be resentful or overbearing?

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Oh friends. Have we been working on something AMAZING! You may have seen it on our Snapchat (bixbyandpine) or on our Instagram story (@bixbyandpine), but kids, we had a FREAKING blast shooting our styled boudoir event promo photos. 

We really collaborated with the best of the best a couple weekends ago, and the results are IN-SANE. Alicia from Rogue Styling absolutely SLAYED and made our beautiful models look like they were modeling for Victoria's Secret (and we are even kidding). Then, Samantha McFarlen hit it out of the park with photo and video...and here is a sneak peek of the results!

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Today we partnered with Tonie Christine Photography to talk about finding your perfect wedding photographer.

We believe that weddings are meant to celebrate two people, pledging their lives together. So the wedding planning, wedding day, and even after the wedding should all be an experience (and a good one at that!)--because afterall, YOLO, or YOMO rather (you're only married once)...fingers crossed! ;)

So this leads us to our to find a wedding photographer that's perfect for you, in two steps!

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It’s no question we love makeup and hair around here. In fact, we may or may not beauty tutorial junkies. So it’s no surprise one of our biggest recommendations to our brides is to hire a professional hair stylist and makeup artist for your big day! This is the one day in your life when you hire somebody to follow you around and take photos of you so why should you be looking like your regular old self!? We're not saying you need to have a ton of makeup and so much hairspray in your hair that it doesn't move, but you should look like your best self on your biggest day. Whether you want a soft and romantic or a glam Kylie Jenner look, there are excellent professionals that can carry out your vision perfectly. While some artists provide a free trial run before your wedding, most charge a fee for a pre-wedding run through (hey, you don’t work for free do you?!). We think this is never something to skip on to save money. Try setting up a practice run before a fancy date night or your engagement photos to get the most bang for you buck! We have started a Pinterest board to show you some of our favorite hair and makeup looks.

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You guys! 

We just dropped our new album! Okay, okay, just kidding (that was another dream of ours!).

But we did just launch pre-sales for our BRAND NEW FIRST EVER BIXBY + PINE TANK! This is to kick off the launch of our shop, which will come in August.

Pre-sales will begin today and go until July 1st. And we are so freaking excited for our friends to get these and share their love of graphic tanks, cupcakes, champagne, and Taylor Swift.

In honor of Taylor Swift's song "22", we are giving twenty-two-oo-oo (get it?!) percent off your order! Use the code // shopbp // to get your discount!

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Y'all. We. Freaking. LOVE. bridal sessions.

The South has got it right friends. SOOOO many brides head to a beautiful location a day or so before their wedding and just get to know their photographer and feel beautiful. It doesn't get much better than that? Like, think about it...beautiful details, your gown, hair and make up, your ring, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, thinking about it makes us swoon.

To encourage our brides (and others) to get bridal sessions done, we put together this portrait session with Lora Grady Photography, at the BEAUTIFUL old missile shelter in Manchester State Park. So, take a look at what we put together!

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The NEW Bixby + Pine // logo + sneak peek film

Friends. GOOD GOD. The day is here. Today is the day! Finally they're opening up the gaaaaaaaaaaaaate. Oh, wait...wrong day, but boy,  it sure feels like it's coronation day! (Where are all our Frozen fans at?!)

Anyways, LET'S FREAKING GET TO IT! We want to first show off our STUNNING new logo by the talented + ultra-kind chick, Jenny of Graceline Art. She and Molly, the studio assistant were nothing but pure kindness to work with. We started in one direction, and then had a mini // brand // identity crisis, and they just uplifted us and praised us for following our hearts. Really, these two are a class-act, and we are just BEAMING with joy and excitement to show off this gorgeous new logo, which we feel embodies Bixby + Pine. So, ta-da!!!!!!!!!

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Midnight Thoughts by #thegirlsofbp

Hey guys!

It's midnight, no joke. And we're like you...thinking of a million things as we try to sleep.

So, instead of doing nothing, we've worked on many-a-tasks, watched many-a-youtube make up tutorials, and read many-a-facebook status updates.

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