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Cancer Update // A Year And A Half Later // Jordan's Battle With Cancer

A year and a half ago, I got a call that really really left me feeling shook (one of my new favorite terms). The nurse on the phone asked if I could hold for the doctor and instantly I knew this call wasn’t going to end the way I had hoped it would. His voice came on and told me that the nodule they had biopsied had come back malignant...then he paused and I filled the gap with an “Okay”, he then asked if I knew what the word malignant meant (I think he was surprised by my calmness?!). So again I filled the quietness with a “Yes, that means I have cancer." Tears filled my eyes and I just wanted to hang up the phone. He filled me in on what to expect next and then we hung up. Ashley was with me and she was just as shocked as I was (naively I really had never even considered the possibility that it could’ve actually have been cancer—and if you know me you know that I was THE BIGGEST hypochondriac growing up).

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An Epic Workation in Palm Desert, California // Boudoir Shoots, Styled Shoots, Hot Tub Tie, Oh My // Bixby + Pine

Hey friends--Taylor here. I've been doing about thirteen other tasks, putting this one off--and I just realized why: finding the words to describe this trip...well, shit, I'm just not sure it's possible right now. So, I'm going to give you a play-by-play, and ask you to check back when I have myself together enough to blog about all the goddamn things. ALL OF THEM. Also, if the resolution is kinda shitty, it's because there was limited internet access.

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13 Client Meetings, 15 Ferries, And 2050 Miles // Newsletter // Bixby + Pine

Can you believe that we're part way through August?! Like, that means that the holiday season is right around the corner and that baby Clarke will be making her way into this world in a month or so (eeeek!).

Okay, this is our first newsletter blog post, and to be honest, we've toyed for WEEKS on how we should format this and what should go into it, but then we realized, if you're a part of our tribe you don't judge us too hard and you just wanna know what's up. So, here's just that, and "What's Up with the Girls of B+P" message for ya to peruse.

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Today we partnered with Tonie Christine Photography to talk about finding your perfect wedding photographer.

We believe that weddings are meant to celebrate two people, pledging their lives together. So the wedding planning, wedding day, and even after the wedding should all be an experience (and a good one at that!)--because afterall, YOLO, or YOMO rather (you're only married once)...fingers crossed! ;)

So this leads us to our to find a wedding photographer that's perfect for you, in two steps!

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You guys! 

We just dropped our new album! Okay, okay, just kidding (that was another dream of ours!).

But we did just launch pre-sales for our BRAND NEW FIRST EVER BIXBY + PINE TANK! This is to kick off the launch of our shop, which will come in August.

Pre-sales will begin today and go until July 1st. And we are so freaking excited for our friends to get these and share their love of graphic tanks, cupcakes, champagne, and Taylor Swift.

In honor of Taylor Swift's song "22", we are giving twenty-two-oo-oo (get it?!) percent off your order! Use the code // shopbp // to get your discount!

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