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Lo + Connor // Engaged // Samantha McFarlen

You guys! We are sharing the most beautiful engagement session RIGHT NOW. Our brother asked Lo to marry him earlier this year and we were ECSTATIC to be gaining an official sister (even though we considered her family a long long time ago). As we began wedding planning (like any good wedding-planning-sister would do), Lo pretty much was open to everything but she KNEW she wanted Sam as her photographer, and we were PUMPED.

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Kimberlee + Brian // Engaged // Joanna Monger Photography

Hey friends! 

We know we say this all the time, but this couple has really topped our list of favorite #bixbyandpinecouples. Like, for real.

Kimberlee and Brian are nothing short of two incredible human beings who make each other better every day. We will save the rest of our sentiments for after the wedding--as they'll be long, sappy, and full of love (and long).

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We know, we know: TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK? The girls of B+P must be on something! Well, guess what?! We are gearing up for our first ever back to back wedding weekend!

Last week we traveled to another section of our state for 5 days, but this time we get to stay close to home (and that means we get to sleep in our own beds!!!!).

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Hi friends,

We are getting ready to leave--yeah, that's right, we leave TONIGHT for our biggest, boldest wedding of the year! Lexi + Scott are gonna tie the know (see what we did there?!). 

Lexi and Scott have been so much fun to work with because they didn't have boundaries and they let us play with color--the bolder the better! The color palette for their wedding is a mix of berries, maroons, and fuchsia, mixed in with sherbet orange and touches of gold. Scott is Native American, so we added in touches of turquoise to color palette and it's so much fun.

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