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The NEW Bixby + Pine // logo + sneak peek film

Friends. GOOD GOD. The day is here. Today is the day! Finally they're opening up the gaaaaaaaaaaaaate. Oh, wait...wrong day, but boy,  it sure feels like it's coronation day! (Where are all our Frozen fans at?!)

Anyways, LET'S FREAKING GET TO IT! We want to first show off our STUNNING new logo by the talented + ultra-kind chick, Jenny of Graceline Art. She and Molly, the studio assistant were nothing but pure kindness to work with. We started in one direction, and then had a mini // brand // identity crisis, and they just uplifted us and praised us for following our hearts. Really, these two are a class-act, and we are just BEAMING with joy and excitement to show off this gorgeous new logo, which we feel embodies Bixby + Pine. So, ta-da!!!!!!!!!

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