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Emma // Palm Springs Boudoir // Apostrophe & Co

We are SO pumped to show off this beautiful Apostrophe & Co shoot. If you don't know about A&Co, well then you've been living under a rock. It's basically our love child with Samantha McFarlen. Where we bring in Alicia and she dolls you up. Then we style the shit outta you with pieces you bring and pieces from our collection. Then Sam shoots you. Finally you get a beautiful product in the mail.

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Workation: Monday // The Ruin Venue in Joshua Tree, California // Styled Shoot // Bixby + Pine

While usually Monday is the nation-wide-dreaded-day, I welcomed it with open arms! Being in California, in the desert, with some of my favorite people was the perfect way to wake up. I started my day with a trip to Trader Joe's where I instantly picked up some additional blooms that matched the shoot's color palette perfectly. I carried on through the store picking out the prettiest of fruits and vegetables as we knew that was an important element we wanted to add to the tablescape (and it paid offffff!).

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An Epic Workation in Palm Desert, California // Boudoir Shoots, Styled Shoots, Hot Tub Tie, Oh My // Bixby + Pine

Hey friends--Taylor here. I've been doing about thirteen other tasks, putting this one off--and I just realized why: finding the words to describe this trip...well, shit, I'm just not sure it's possible right now. So, I'm going to give you a play-by-play, and ask you to check back when I have myself together enough to blog about all the goddamn things. ALL OF THEM. Also, if the resolution is kinda shitty, it's because there was limited internet access.

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These Hoes Ain't Loyal // How To Handle Disagreements In Business // Bixby + Pine

We hope you're singing Chris Brown's "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" right now! That's goal one of two for this post. Goal two, well for that you'll have to keep reading.

It's very common to have disagreements about the way someone is running their business, and that's okay, but how do you handle those disagreements when they could directly effect you and your business? Perhaps you're working with someone on a wedding, or a styled shoot, or you're partnering on a workshop or event. How can you turn those disagreements into positive forms of communication that help provide resolve, when you could so easily be resentful or overbearing?

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We know, we know: TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK? The girls of B+P must be on something! Well, guess what?! We are gearing up for our first ever back to back wedding weekend!

Last week we traveled to another section of our state for 5 days, but this time we get to stay close to home (and that means we get to sleep in our own beds!!!!).

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Oh friends. Have we been working on something AMAZING! You may have seen it on our Snapchat (bixbyandpine) or on our Instagram story (@bixbyandpine), but kids, we had a FREAKING blast shooting our styled boudoir event promo photos. 

We really collaborated with the best of the best a couple weekends ago, and the results are IN-SANE. Alicia from Rogue Styling absolutely SLAYED and made our beautiful models look like they were modeling for Victoria's Secret (and we are even kidding). Then, Samantha McFarlen hit it out of the park with photo and video...and here is a sneak peek of the results!

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It’s no question we love makeup and hair around here. In fact, we may or may not beauty tutorial junkies. So it’s no surprise one of our biggest recommendations to our brides is to hire a professional hair stylist and makeup artist for your big day! This is the one day in your life when you hire somebody to follow you around and take photos of you so why should you be looking like your regular old self!? We're not saying you need to have a ton of makeup and so much hairspray in your hair that it doesn't move, but you should look like your best self on your biggest day. Whether you want a soft and romantic or a glam Kylie Jenner look, there are excellent professionals that can carry out your vision perfectly. While some artists provide a free trial run before your wedding, most charge a fee for a pre-wedding run through (hey, you don’t work for free do you?!). We think this is never something to skip on to save money. Try setting up a practice run before a fancy date night or your engagement photos to get the most bang for you buck! We have started a Pinterest board to show you some of our favorite hair and makeup looks.

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