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WTF, It's January // Newsletter // Bixby + Pine

Sometimes January is a hard time to "start new"! There is so much pressure on "starting off right" and "setting new goals". Like, we just had Thanksgiving, then Christmas--how in the hell are we supposed to have time to, I don't know, reflect, rejuvenate, and outline new goals?

We're still learning what works for us, and because we all took a low-key break when Ashley was on maternity leave, the end of 2017 looked a bit different for us than it has in years past. We wanted to have a B+P Company Party and invite some of our favorite industry friends (you know, our real-life friends). We also decided to sit down and do PowerSheets TOGETHER. You see, we bought them last year, but never ended up touching them. And this year, we knew we wanted some intentional focus for our year--both personally and professionally.

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It's LITERALLY December... // Newsletter // Bixby + Pine

Friendlies! It's ALREADY December. What. In. The. World.

We have been so busy (and unbusy) in the best of ways. We have had time to be with our families, and spend time with each other and our friends. We've had time to get to know Clarke (her birth story is coming, we promise) and watch AJ turn into a big sister. We've had time to work on some 2018 wedding design proposals (a HUGE process). And we've had time to make fauxjitos and eat Grub Hut together.

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October Is Almost Here and So Is the Baby! // Newsletter // Bixby + Pine

We're really, really thankful you're here with us, walking this journey. (Yeah, we know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but a little gratitude never hurt nobody!) It's always nice to get some blog love, so if you're still reading this (and we hope you are; we're only three sentences deep!), drop us a line and say hi! Okay, but really, comment below and say hi...

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