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Cancer Update // A Year And A Half Later // Jordan's Battle With Cancer

A year and a half ago, I got a call that really really left me feeling shook (one of my new favorite terms). The nurse on the phone asked if I could hold for the doctor and instantly I knew this call wasn’t going to end the way I had hoped it would. His voice came on and told me that the nodule they had biopsied had come back malignant...then he paused and I filled the gap with an “Okay”, he then asked if I knew what the word malignant meant (I think he was surprised by my calmness?!). So again I filled the quietness with a “Yes, that means I have cancer." Tears filled my eyes and I just wanted to hang up the phone. He filled me in on what to expect next and then we hung up. Ashley was with me and she was just as shocked as I was (naively I really had never even considered the possibility that it could’ve actually have been cancer—and if you know me you know that I was THE BIGGEST hypochondriac growing up).

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Grandma Susie Part III // Her Passing // Taylor + Jordan's Grandmother

On Thursday October 12th, I went out to dinner in Edmonds with friends--across the boat. I was part way through dinner when I got a call asking when I was coming home--my grandma had fallen asleep earlier that day and hadn't woken up yet; the whole family was there. I finished my dinner and got on the ferry and came home. I got there, and she was lying in her chair in the living room. I sat close and held her, and started crying. My mom tried to console me, and then my grandpa, "What can I do to help you? he said. I bawled and said "I just want her to wake up one last time!"

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Lo + Connor // An Intimate Wedding // Kingston, WA // Bixby + Pine

Lo and Connor had gotten engaged earlier this year during summer. We had set the wedding date for an intimate gathering for September 2nd, 2018--plenty of time to do all of the things we wanted to do: custom build tables, hand-sew napkins, design the perfect day for a couple we LOVE (our brother and his soon-to-be-wife, who had our hearts a long long time ago).

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Lo + Connor // Engaged // Samantha McFarlen

You guys! We are sharing the most beautiful engagement session RIGHT NOW. Our brother asked Lo to marry him earlier this year and we were ECSTATIC to be gaining an official sister (even though we considered her family a long long time ago). As we began wedding planning (like any good wedding-planning-sister would do), Lo pretty much was open to everything but she KNEW she wanted Sam as her photographer, and we were PUMPED.

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Jordan + Zack // Intimate Couples Session // Apostrophe & Co

Zack and I hadn’t been together for YEARS when we decided to do an intimate session with A&Co BUT we are so glad we did!!! We were both a little nervous, we decided really last minute that we wanted to do it, so of course my head went to all of my imperfections and flaws. Ironically, his did too! I’ve been around the camera a bit more than he has so naturally he was much more nervous than I was. Ultimately I was really excited to have that moment in our relationship captured forever. 

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For the past year we have chatted about getting a matching problem, we are picky and opinionated. For the first few months we would throw out an idea just for the other three to shut it down (real nice of them, huh). We knew it had to be meaningful to us but we also wanted it to capture two decades of a friendship and the many more  that we have to come. 

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Hey everyone!!!

I'm going to keep this post real short, but always want you guys to be in the loop, so here goes 😊 

My scar is looking really good...honestly, I couldn't be happier with it!! I have been using SCARFADE--both the gel and the sheeting (I wear this when I sleep or just around the house) and so far the results have been lovely!! 

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No...not that 'C' word guys!!! 

Hey guys, it's Jordan. Earlier this month #thegirlsofbp were hit with some pretty big news that kind of made us stop in our tracks. I got a call letting me know I had cancer...yes, that 'C' word. Nothing can properly prepare you for hearing those words. 

The doctors found a lump on the left side of my thyroid and after doing a biopsy we found out that it was malignant (cancerous). The lump is two and a half centimeters big and that makes it a pretty big one. They will remove my entire thyroid and I will be on a thyroid supplement for the rest of my life. 

There are so many things left unknown at this point BUT one thing we do know is that it's definitely time to get this out of me!!!! Today is the day for is my surgery day! So many answers will come out of this day, so many unknowns will begin to be known! More biopsies will be done, full body scans are coming soon, and lots of follow up appointments will be scheduled.

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