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Today on the blog we're recapping our favorite gifts and tips we've received from our couples over the past couple of years.

The fine print: These are in no particular order.

Our thoughtful bride Lexi and her kind-hearted groom Scott had a Suncadia wedding (arguably one of our most talked about weddings ever) and at the end of the night we left with full hearts. Well, when we went back to do a couple of final things in the morning, we were met with a beautiful bottle of wine and a cash gift. These clients didn't know it, but they had already given us one of the best gifts--new vendor friends (hello Sarah Anne and Jeff & Amanda) and one hell of a party (plus a feature in Seattle Bride Magazine, say what?!), so these were truly just the cherry on top. Lexi and Scott, THANK YOU, for trusting us wholeheartedly with your wedding.

If you're gonna ask us about a wedding where we had SO much fun, we're probably gonna respond with "Megan and Zack's wedding!" These two had no detail undone. Every vendor felt loved on and cared for (yeah, on their wedding day they asked "Is there anything we can do for you?") Well, when we opened our gift basket from them, we actually couldn't physically stop smiling; journals, calendars, wine glasses, face masks, our favorite sangria, and a Kelsea Ballerini CD (yesssss!). Of course this was given to us with a sweet card where they were so appreciative of us (okay, eyes are watering now). It was only as we cracked open the bottle of sangria, filled our stemless wine glasses, and started to thumb through things more, that we realized they had tucked a gift card to our favorite restaurant (The Loft in Poulsbo) in the journal. Wow. We honestly were pretty speechless. And just so thankful.


Kim and Brian were maybe our most expressive couple--constantly letting us know how loved and valued we were by them and how grateful they were to have us on their team, so we honestly knew their thank you card would be deep and from the heart, but when we opened it up, read it, and finished wiping away tears, we noticed a gift card to the spa we get pedicures at together in our hometown. How did they even know?! Well, we found out later that they had reached out to Taylor's boyfriend, who got help from their best friend (and former B+P girl) Carson. Intentional gifts like this really just mean so much to us.

Jeff and Ericka, another summer wedding, have become some of our favorite people in this world. They place the highest level of importance on value, and that speaks to our souls. When Ericka presented us with our gift on rehearsal night, we basically melted into a puddle. A gift basket, with face masks, bath bombs, hand-lettered wine glasses (THAT SHE DID HERSELF), our favorite wines (and sparkling cider), rice bags (THAT SHE ALSO DID HERSELF), and a card. We each had a card, and each of our cards said something different--something she particularly loved about each of us and the way we've contributed to her wedding day. Okay, cue the tears. On top of that she and Jeff included a cash tip for each of us. This was one of the most thoughtful gifts we had ever received. This couple had made us feel well-loved the entire time, they even gave us a shout out at their wedding!


While we're honest-to-god grateful for every gift or tip we receive, these are a few that have stood out over the years.

If you're a creative in the wedding industry, tell us a favorite gift you've received from a client! And if you got married, tell us what you gifted a vendor with that made their day. We wanna know!


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