Defining your style in a sea full of Pinterest inspiration can be difficult to say the very least. For those of you who may not know, I married my husband three years ago, that means with the help of the girls I planned and executed my wedding before we were even a company. With no prior experience of planning a wedding, I set off in hopes to define my wedding style via Pinterest, which if you have no experience doing so is DIFFICULT. If I were to look at my Pinterest wedding board now I would CRINGE, not only is there burlap (yes, there was burlap at my wedding….but in my defense it was at least in style), but the array of ideas and pins varies so greatly—it’s not cohesive at all. The girls and I have this talk frequently, we see so many weddings that fall short of design (in our opinion) because concepts and ideas are not cohesive across the board and the wedding doesn’t tell one story--it tells five different design stories.

Queue the tips and tricks to navigate Pinterest so ideas do not get forgotten, and inspiration stays cohesive:

Tip 1 // Pin. Pin. Pin.

I know what you’re thinking, I said it above, Pinterest is so full of ideas so why would I tell you to pin any and all things you like to one single board? I’ll tell you why—if you’re having trouble defining your style, pin anything you like for any reason and tell yourself why in the description.

Just like those notes in school make sure you can go back later and still understand why you have pinned what you pinned.

Tip 2 // Study.

Now that you have a board filled with different concepts and ideas, go back to that board and element by element take note on similarities and differences from each pin you’ve pinned. For example, let’s say you're nailing down invitation suites, go through each invitation suite you have pinned and look at those as a whole, what’s the general theme for all of them? Do all of them contain a paper RSVP to be mailed back or is there an information card explaining how to RSVP online? Do they share the same color palate?

We put together a mood board for our clients, to show the general mood and vibe of their wedding. 

This was a style board from a recent shoot we did, that we based some ideas off of, and transformed it with a different color palette. 

Tip 3 // Delete.

Now that you know why you love the pin (by writing so in the description), delete the pins that do not go with the others. It might be hard to do, you may have pins your alter ego would slay but if it doesn’t go with 99% of all the other things you’ve pinned, it’s the odd man out and needs to go!

By following these tips, you will be able to convey the design ideas behind the concepts you want at your wedding to those who need to understand it the best. Your florist, cake designer, gown boutique, and wedding designer will thank you for having clear, concise, and most of all cohesive ideas!

Remember that anything you find on Pinterest is inspirational and your wedding will and should differ from those on Pinterest.  Check out our Pinterest here for lots of ideas.