October Is Almost Here and So Is the Baby! // Newsletter // Bixby + Pine

We're really, really thankful you're here with us, walking this journey. (Yeah, we know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but a little gratitude never hurt nobody!) It's always nice to get some blog love, so if you're still reading this (and we hope you are; we're only three sentences deep!), drop us a line and say hi! Okay, but really, comment below and say hi...


We wanted to give you an update on a lot of things; some fun and pretty, some sad and heartbreaking:

  • CLIENT EXPERIENCE // We've been revamping our 2018 client experience (which starts with 2017 consults and meetings). We're coming at you with new presentation, new systems, and brand. new. ideas.
  • 2018 WEDDINGS // Our 2018 weddings are RAD. And when we say that we don't just mean like "yeah, they're cool", we mean like "holy shit, we have the best clients ever who aren't afraid to be daring and dream big and they trust us with their whole hearts" and THAT is what it's all about!
  • CANCER, DISEASE, HEARTBREAK // Our families are experiencing cancer and disease right now, and it's more painful than we realized. You see, it's not that we haven't been sympathetic to those who had ever been going through something similar, but to be honest, it never touched us as close as this has. In our immediate family, two people are going through the hardest part of their life unexpectedly, and we are learning how to handle that. (We're learning that crying and lots of family time helps.)

In all honesty, this is one of the best seasons of our life in many ways (B+P is growing SO much, AJ is gaining a sister any day now, lots of family time) but it's also one of hardest (read=the hardest). And all we can do is hug everyone a little tighter and keep moving with love and kindness in our hearts.

We are going to keep our heads up and stay as positive as possible, and we want you to check out a couple of our favorite blogs for the month:

Who Can I Trust In a Creative World of "Educators"? (...and this may be our most controversial post to date!)

In our industry it seems like everyone has the title "educator" after their name, and while that's all fine and dandy, we think it's important to take a look at someone whom you're seeking professional and creative advice from in a full circle approach. It's easy to add a few letters after your name (e-d-u-c-a-t-o-r), but what makes you worthy of providing advice or value to someone else's business or creative journey? Well, so often we hear people cutting down others saying "They shouldn't be teaching!" or "They shouldn't be putting on a workshop!" or "They shouldn't be selling that template in their shop!" Click to read more...

These Hoes Ain't Loyal // How To Handle Disagreements in Business

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A Washington Destination: Lake Chelan // Cierra + Dan

You might remember Cierra and Dan from our beautiful snowy elopements hoot a couple winters ago, and when they hired us to plan and design their HUGE wedding, we were more than ecstatic! You see, Cierra and Dan have faced some incredible trauma in their lives and are so much stronger together, and we felt honored to be a part of something so special for them and their families. Click to read more...

We All Have the Same Amount of Hours In the Day As Beyonce // Three Tips for Productivity

Have you ever heard someone say "I need to learn to manage my time better" or have you said that yourself? Well, we've got news for you: You actually can't manage time. Trippy, right? But 24 hours is 24 hours is 24 hours. So what can you manage? You can manage yourself. It's kinda one of those mindset shifts (ya know, like our ideal client vs ideal philosophy mindset shift)--instead of learning how to manage time (which is impossible unless you've invented time travel), we need to learn how to manage ourselves better. Click to read more...


We hope you'll stop by the gram and watch our craziness in our story and we hope you enjoy the rain as much as we do!


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