Vendor Love: Reviewing Vendors // Bixby + Pine

A good word can go a long way in the industry. A positive review certainly helps when potential clients look you up—but how do you make sure you are getting reviews in the places that your future clients will actually see them?! 

Keep reading to see how we make sure we are getting the reviews we want AND returning them whenever we work with a rad set of vendors!

Review Vendors

We like to email out to vendors to ask where they'd like a review to go! This way they're getting a response in the exact place that they see fit. Often times people will say "I'll review you on Yelp!" But in fact, we don't get our clients from Yelp--we get ours from Instagram (so a shoutout and a tag) or Facebook (shoutout, tag, and review), and then of course word of mouth would be most beneficial.


So it's important that we're reviewing vendors in a place that makes sense to them and their business.

Not only do we send this list to our clients so that they can leave glowing reviews for their vendors, WE take the time to review. All three of us. Sometimes we'll shout a vendor our on social media, share their page, or talk about them in a blog post. We want our vendors to know they are appreciated and helped us make our clients' wedding day beautiful and run smoothly.

Hopefully you learned a thing or two and will now be sure to leave reviews for other vendors who deserve them!!! Give a shout out to a vendor who you absolutely love working with—we want to follow them!!


The Girls of B+P