Goodness freaking gracious, friends. Where do we even begin? (Yeah, yeah, at the beginning you're saying, but that's just so long ago!)

In 2014, Bixby + Pine was born. We found a mentor, in Virginia, named Kat. We've done a couple of Skype mentor sessions with her, and communicated back and forth about specific topics. We've taken several of her webinars, and really looked to her for advice on running on our business on the front-end and the back-end. Kat has been nothing but a source of support for us, and this last weekend, we got to do something so rad...we MET her and assisted her with one of her weddings.

We're going to give you a play-by-play of our trip to Virginia (and DC, and North Carolina, oh and South Carolina...)...

Thursday // We left Seattle in the morning and made it to Virginia that night because of the time change. We snagged our tickets for the subway and made our way up to see the Washington Monument, the White House, and so much  more. We had dinner at a cute little pub downtown, and even though we were starving, we hardly ate. Maybe it was the excitement?!

Friday // We met Kat at Airlie for the wedding rehearsal. It was fun to meet the bride and groom (a BEAUTIFUL couple), and it was nice to see Kat run a rehearsal, from start to finish. After this, we headed to lunch for a business intensive of sorts with Kat. This started off pretty basic, as we really got to know about her business and she got to know about ours. After lunch was over, we headed to the coffee house for a drinks and we dove deep. We talked about big dreams, fear, obstacles, goals, and got real personal. This couldn't have been more inspiring. We have new goals, and ways to implement action items to reach our goals. After we left this incredible meeting, we ran to Target to pick up a HUGE notepad and markers, so we could brainstorm in our hotel room. We ordered takeout and got to work. We worked for hours and hours and implemented some new systems, and made some more goals. Then, we finally passed out.

Saturday // Today was WEDDING DAY! We grabbed breakfast and made out way back to Airlie, where we began set up for Emily + Grant's big day. We set tables with decor, placed name cards, and finalized some florals. This was a long day, but so amazing. Guess. Who. We. Met. KATELYN-FREAKING-JAMES! Yep, you heard that right. We got to work alongside Katelyn and Michael and pretty much lost our shit. Working with Kat, Katelyn, and Michael was just in-sane, absolutely insane! Along with that dream team, we got to meet Whitney and Josh of Handspun Cinema, which was an added bonus. You can see some photos from the wedding in the coming weeks!

After the wedding, we headed to dinner with Kat, where things progressed with our discussions earlier. We can't tell you how incredible it was to spend time with Kat. You see, you have this nervous feeling before meeting someone: Are they gonna be the person I think they are? Is this a good fit? Are we gonna have enough to talk about? Are we even gonna vibe? Well, guys, YES, she was, it was, we did, and we so did! Kat not only a trusted mentor in the creative world, but she is now a real friend. As we left, we felt a few tears fall, and couldn't help but think about our next time that we could be together (which is already in the works!).

Sunday // We got up and headed to...DUN DUN DUN: Paisley & Jade in Richmond. Something we were SUPER pumped about. And then we met co-owner, Morgan, and realized we were basically hanging out with an old friend. She's a lot like us, full of big dreams and doesn't mind a swear word or ten. We toured the space, saw her inventory, talked about how they started and where they are now, and maybe even invited her to Seattle ;)

Then we drove. And drove. And drove. We stopped for a snack in North Carolina (we wanted to touch the ground with our feet). Then we FINALLY made it to South Carolina. We checked into our hotel and quickly fell asleep. 

Monday // We got up early (okay, not really, but it felt early) and headed in to downtown Charleston (eeeeeek!). Kat and KJ gave us some tips on where to go for shopping and eating and site-seeing, and their suggestions did not disappoint. We drove by Rainbow Row (and it is as cute as it sounds). We headed to Market Street to shop all of the cute little booths. We picked up some souvenirs and Christmas gifts. Then we headed through town to some other shops, Anthrologie (our second one in just a couple of days...we know, we have a problem--check us into #AnthroAnonymous), baby stores, and more. We ended our downtown Charleston excursion with lunch at Magnolia's; an excellent recommendation, with sweet tea and shrimp and grits. YES PLEASE! We made our flight home that night, and were so happy to touchdown in Seattle. While we had a great time on the east coast, we missed the Pacific Northwest like nobody's business.

Kat, thank you for opening your heart to us. We will never be able to thank you enough.


The Girls of B+P