You guys. A couple of months ago, a photographer named Catie of Catie Coyle Photography reached out to us, and are we glad she did. She's a California girl who now calls Washington home with her husband. 

Part of why we offer our brand-builder styled shoots is because we LOVE the WHO and the WHY behind creatives, and you can read more about our brand-builders in the coming weeks. When Catie sat down and typed out WHO her ideal client was, our hearts literally sang. 

This is part of her answer: They are adventurous and kind. They travel as much and as frequently as they possibly can. They have a very close-knit group of friends and are extremely close with their families. They have a soft spot for adopting shelter animals. When they aren’t traveling they love to snuggle up on the couch and watch Netflix, go for long hikes, eat ice cream and work in their vegetable garden. They are conscientious of the environment. One or both of them plays an instrument. They hold professional positions and are excellent communicators. They love art.

I mean, that right there is so beautiful it brought tears to our eyes. But keep reading as she went on to talk about their wedding...They have an appreciation for photography and when it comes to their wedding, photography is the most important thing to them. They want to spend a lot of time alone together before the ceremony taking portraits and they want the photos of their guests to be relaxed and candid. They know a lot of people but when it comes to their wedding day, they opt to host an intimate gathering of the people that mean the most to them. They will have anywhere from 10-50 guests on their wedding day and they break with tradition and decide not to have a wedding party. Since they have a love for the outdoors, their ceremony and reception are both held outside. Their decor is soft and romantic, with lots of candles and lots of greenery. The bride loves flowers and even designed their wedding invitation. Their guests dine at one long table, and the meal is served family style. Everyone is wrapped up great conversation, amazing food and drinks and having the best time laughing with one another and they enjoy each other’s company underneath twinkling lights long into the evening.

Well, if you started to tear up or got warm fuzzies, then you can join our squad.

So we set out to create something that was focused on creating memories at a rad location called Rattlesnake Ledge. We found a beautiful couple through instagram (Dani + Bobby), who traveled very far to be a part of this shoot. Dani was so excited (and so were we)!

When we got an email from her boyfriend, asking if he could propose and that he wouldn't be disruptive. The answer was "HELL YEAH YOU CAN PROPOSE WITH ONE STIPULATION: Do it on top of the ledge!" He agreed to our conditions (haha) and the we're going to let the rest speak for itself...

Photography // Catie Coyle Photography

If you made if this far, we are impressed. And here's your reward:

Cinematography // Jaimie J Video


The Girls of B+P


Design and Styling // Bixby + Pine

Photography // Catie Coyle Photography

Cinematography // Jaimie J Video

Florals // #BloomsByBP

Ribbon // Honey Silks & Co.

Rentals // Unique & Chic Rentals and Design

Rentals // BBJ Linen

Invitation // Minted

HMUA // Hannah Faith Price

Dress // Lulu's

Pie // Bainbridge Boheme