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So much is happening over here at BPHQ so the blog gets the backseat, but we did want to highlight Amy + Brian's Rattlesnake Lake engagement session with one of Seattle's most sought-after wedding photographers, Mr. Jordan Voth. And yeah, we're still not sure how to pronounce his last name--hard o, soft o? Are hard and soft o's even a thing? How about this: Voeth or Vawth--drop a note in the comments below--oe or aw.


We found ourselves saying "We don't really do Kitsap weddings" a whole lot in 2017 (mostly to ourselves, but sometimes to other vendors), and ya know what the universe did? Laughed and gave us the raddest couples who are pretty much all getting married in Kitsap (okay, not all, we've got some Seattle and destination in there too, but a whole heck of a lot of Kitsap weddings). How funny -__- This is where most people say "When we plan, God laughs" but we aren't religious so we'll keep the Jesus talk at bay.


Amy + Brian are trusting us to transform their family farm into a festival wedding with a free-spirited vibe--think tarot card readers, horses with flowers in the Photo Booth, a bar in a camper, and super flowy ribbon hanging off a lush wildflower bouquet. ALL THE FUCKING HEART EYES.


But before we get into the design, we're gonna tell you about the journey: We met Amy + Brian when their venue had double booked (cue the sad, sad emotions). As we spoke on the phone, we recall Taylor telling Amy that sometimes there can be debates between parents and kids--for instance, mom wants a cake and kids are like "We want donuts and pies!" Amy quickly started laughing and said "Exactly!"


Fast forward, we invited Amy + Brian into our home for heavy appetizers and drinks and they showed up with wine! Not to brag, but we sure do have the best clients. Ever. Period.


We went over their design and some of our vendor recommendations for people and companies that we felt would be such a good fit. And yall, we keep getting lucky cuz this vendor team is ALLLLLLL THE PRAISE HANDS!


This wedding planning process has been pretty smooth--Amy + Brian are so damn go-with-the-flow. We're having a ceremony overlooking their pond, a cocktail hour, dinner from an airstream (HOW DOPE!), and loads and loads of dancing.


Okay, okay, Jordan's photos--we know it's what you're really here for...




We can't wait to update you when this wedding happens next month so keep your eyes on our blog (and our stories, where most of the shenanigans go down).



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