Workation: Wednesday // Sunrise Shoot // Bixby + Pine

We woke up SUPER early. Which actually sucked. I think we left the house at 5:55am to do a quick sunrise shoot. Sam and a dress--that's it! Emma took photos mostly, but I tagged along and tried my hand at it, so check out my shots here:

We headed back to Washington and man, it was just the perfect amount of "work" and play--but what I love best about my "work" is that it totally is my play. I'm lucky to have found my passion at such an early stage in my life, so I just wanna soak it all in as much as possible.

If I didn't convince that a workation is exactly what the doctor called for, then MEH to you!



Vendors // Styling: Bixby + Pine // Photography: Taylor x Samantha McFarlen // Gown Designer: Willowby // Gown Boutique: A&Be` Bridal: Seattle