An Epic Workation in Palm Desert, California // Boudoir Shoots, Styled Shoots, Hot Tub Tie, Oh My // Bixby + Pine

Hey friends--Taylor here. I've been doing about thirteen other tasks, putting this one off--and I just realized why: finding the words to describe this trip...well, shit, I'm just not sure it's possible right now. So, I'm going to give you a play-by-play, and ask you to check back when I have myself together enough to blog about all the goddamn things. ALL OF THEM. Also, if the resolution is kinda shitty, it's because there was limited internet access.

Breakdown of who's who...

Sam or Sammy Mac = Samantha McFarlen = friend, photographer, sometimes model, lives near me in Kitsap-ish

Emma = Emma Rose Company = friend, photographer, website designer, Palm Desert home owner, but she lives in South Bend, WA (her daughter is Riley)

Alicia = Rogue Styling = friend, hair and make up artist, from my area, but now lives near LA and is a dual-state HMUA

Kellen = friend, A&Co client, model extraordinaire, honorary B+P girl #socaledition

The timeline...

SATURDAY We (Sam and I) flew in Saturday to Palm Springs. We chilled (and napped) and enjoyed the afternoon and evening with Emma. We had Emma's famous red sauce and turkey sausage over past dish (YUM).

SUNDAY Emma was brave enough to let us do a mini A&Co session with her here at the house.  And guys, OMG, I did one too! After, we (Sam, Alicia, and I) went to a resort and had our first out-of-state A&Co bash! It was a great time, and the women who came left feeling confident and beautiful. Kellen (on her THIRD A&Co session) even braved the resort pool for some swimsuit shots. It felt very "travel-blogger" and I loved it all!

MONDAY was Sammy Mac's birthday! Alicia took Sam from blondebre` (see what I did there?) to brunette, and I worked on the florals for the BIG styled shoot. It was my first time designing flowers alone and I was stressed-the-fuck-out. But, the girls back home assured me I did a good job (you can decide for yourself below). We headed out to The Ruin Venue and shot and shot and shot, and I left feeling SO fulfilled. My heart was full. My eyes were happy. I was doing what I love, with AWESOME people. Sam shot and Emma second shot.

Design/Styling/Florals: @bixbyandpine // Photography: @samanthamcfarlen // HMUA: @roguestyling // Dress: @ruedeseine // Boutique: @thedresstheorysandiego // Venue: @theruinvenue // Invitation suite/placecards/etc: @pinkbypeach // Ribbon: @honeysilksco // Ring box: @the_mrs_box

MONDAY NIGHT deserves it's very own section because we. went. HAM. (hard as a mother fucker for you old people.) We went to Thai and then celebrated Sam with shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots (literally). We said high to security guards and deputy (Deputy Bill if I remember correctly). Anyways, we'll get into that at a later date (it almost needs it's own blog post...).

TUESDAY was a low-key day (okay, not 100% low-key, but lower-key, that's for sure). We slept in (because of last night's escapades) and then Alicia went to work on my hair, making me more blonde and chopping off a few inches. We had a sunset shoot (talk about alllll the blue hour vibes!) in the desert and it was simple and stunning. We finished the night with pizza and a movie.

Design/Styling/Florals: @bixbyandpine // Photographer: @samanthamcfarlen // HMUA: @roguestyling // Dress: @aandbe_bridalshop // Ribbon: @honeysilksco // Invitation: @pinkbypeach // Ring box: @the_mrs_box

AND TODAY Sam and I are heading home (maybe to snow?!), but not before a quick sunrise session! Emma is shooting mostly, but I'm also gonna take some, ya know, like a d-list second shooter! Eeeeeek! Check out just a couple right here (and know how happy this shit makes my heart!).

Dress: @aandbe_bridalshop

Okay, that's all for this not-so-mini blog post. More to come :)