Our Fave Non-alcoholic Wedding Drinks | Guest Blogging for Marnie Rae

Hey guys,

Our friend Marnie Rae asked us to guest blog (we know, we’re famous now). But anyways, let’s get to the matter of it all…

Our job is to put together a wedding day that reflects our clients' love story, while celebrating all the people that matter most in their lives! We obviously care about the pretty shit, but more importantly, we want the weddings we design for our clients to be one that could only be theirs--that's how intentional we are throughout the planning process.

Okay, now we're moving on to what we're really hear to talk about: MOCKTAILS AT WEDDINGS!

Our clients pay close attention to the details and their guests' experience, so that means typically we're looking at a really thorough bar: beer, wine, and signature cocktails.

We obviously want to include ALL people, from the babies to the grandfolks, we want everyone to have a spot at the table (both literally and figuratively). This means we want wheelchair access for your friend who broke his leg and your granddad who is going to watch you dance the night away with your forever person. This means we want to provide vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian options for dinner. This also means we want to have beverage options for everyone, so today we're going over our favorite alcohol-free cocktails so that you can be as inclusive as possible on your wedding day.

One of the easiest ways to include everyone is by picking a signature cocktail or two that tastes JUST as good without the booze. We did that here for Lauren + Connor's backyard wedding. And the next best way--batch a mocktail recipe and let it be self-serve. EA-SY-PEA-SY.

We hope this helped you in the wedding planning process, but feel free to share it with your friend who's getting married--you know they'll appreciate the insight (and recipe ideas!).


The Girls of B+P