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Hi friendlies,

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We have had a roller-coaster of an October. It started out on a high with the birth of Clarke (Ashley + Jerremy's new baby girl). She was in and out of the hospital trying to keep her bilirubin levels in check and while AJ started out quite indifferent of her, she's warming up to her and says things like "She's so tiny!" and gives her sweet forehead kisses (with the occasional eye poke too...). Taylor and Jordan's brother got married and they officially gained a new sister (whom they ADORE). The big wedding is next year, but this one was small and intimate so their grandma could be there for it. Less than a week later, their grandmother passed away at home with our entire family surrounding and Clarke got to meet Grandma Susie just moments before she passed--it was a sad but beautiful afternoon.


Something that continues to fill our hearts: gratitude. We are so grateful to be walking through life together, with our families, and with all of you. Our clients and friends have been an INCREDIBLE source of love to us as we celebrated the birth of Clarke and the life of Susie.

We wanted to give you a quick glimpse into what November looks like for us:

  • 2018 WEDDINGS // The design and planning is in full swing. Like, FULL swing. We are having design consults, design meetings, GoogleHangouts with vendors and clients, working on design proposals, most of which will be presented in December and January.
  • CALI BABY // Taylor is headed to Palm Springs for a myriad of reasons, the first being our first out-of-state Apostrophe & Co bash! Then there will be a styled shoot at The Ruin and then another at Joshua Tree...yeah, OMG. JTREE! So you'll wanna stay GLUED to your phone to watch our instastories next week.
  • STYLED SHOOTS // We are working on a styled shoot to help elevate and show off Sarah Anne Photography's new style and experience. She is a talented photographer who's really upped her game in the last few months, and we are excited to showcase that through design and details for her!

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