A Sneak Peek into Nicole + Henry's Non-Boujee BUT BEAUTIFUL Wedding Invitation Suite by Kalen Rivers | Bixby + Pine

When we met with Nicole about her October wedding, she basically said she wanted something boho and chill, but really nice and classy, BUT NON-BOUJEE!

So when we went to work designing her Sodo Park wedding, we knew we had to bring Kalen Rivers on board—the queen of making things look incredible, smeared with the right amount of over-the-top.

Meet Nicole + Henry’s invitation suite:

f you’re wondering how we got this look, we’ll tell ya! Kalen designed the jaw-dropping terra-cotta invitations and details card, and we did a slightly texture paper when we took them to the printers—both were double-sided. Then we added a Tono + Co ribbon in the color ‘sand’ and a champagne protea wax seal from Artisaire, with a little pampas grass sprig tucked underneath (TOO. FREAKING. CUTE.). Then we sealed them up in Cards & PocketsRacing Green’ envelopes that Kalen had addressed in white, stamped the back with their custom return address stamp, and added a $1 green and gold stamp from USPS.

(To get a little more extra we went to the post office and hand-canceled every single invite, so that they didn’t get those awful highlighter stickers on them! Not gonna lie—Tay kinda loved that part—felt VERY official!)

When it come to your wedding invitation—don’t skimp out. It’s the first impression people have of your wedding, and really helps to set the tone—plus, it’s a really fun keepsake to look back on!!


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