Nehalem State Park | Dawn Photo | Cara + Skylen

We are LESS THAN ONE MONTH OUT from Cara + Skylen's wedding...what?!?!?! Where did the time go? This wedding is coming together FLAWLESSLY!!! 

Let's start by telling you about our couple, there was an instant connection when we met with them. They are some of the most thankful people we've ever met (think random texts just to let us know how much we are appreciated). 

As we started to go over their wants, every sentence was followed with, "we trust you to do whatever you think looks best"!!  Well, maybe not EVERY sentence, but you could sure feel just how much they trusted us. 

Nothing is better than having clients who literally have all the faith in the world in you. Nothing. 

When we delivered their design proposal to them they were 'yes girls' on all aspects. In fact the one thing they wanted to change was the color of compote we were using (the design proposal had a rose gold because we couldn't find it in the gold they had originally wanted). They saw the photo and instantly fell in love with the rose gold (yeah, we meant to do that...not), so out with the gold and in with the rose gold. 

These two have been absolute dreams to work with and their vendor team is shaping up to be something FABULOUS!!! 

For now, check out their engagement photos shot by the one and only


The Girls of B+P


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