It's my turn to share 10 things with you that you may or may not know about me (lucky you!!!). So sit back, grab some popcorn...or don't, and relax--my stories generally take a while 😂


1 // I suppose that's a great place to start...generally my stories are packed full of important details that really help paint a picture in your head (I'm a very visual person). Occasionally, including all of these details can add some length to my story resulting in it being drug out a tad. I'm definitely not a ramble...oh but occasionally I get distracted in the middle of my story and then I get off on a tangent and that makes story time even longer. But back to not being a rambler...I'm def not a rambler, all my stories have a point...I can't remember where I was going with this when I started. KIDDING!!!! 

2 // I've never had a banana split. I blame my parents for that. I like bananas just as much as the next person (although I am picky and a firm believer that bananas have a 1.5 day window where they are perfect) and I like ice cream too...but never have had it as a combo. 

3 // I drink vinegar on the daily. Strange to you, yes. Normal to me, heck yes! 

4 // I have seven piercings and three tattoos BUT if my hair is down and you're looking at me from the front, you can only see one out of the ten! Just an fyi, all of my piercings are on my head!!!

5 // I've had bright red in my hair and I've even had BLUE!!! I get bored and constantly want to mix up my hair, but now I'm determined to get long hair by the time I get married (47 years from now) so I won't be mixing things up anytime too soon (too much damage since I always seem drawn to the bleach 🙈).

6 // I have perfect sight and excellent hearing. I wear glasses because they are adorable...and if you talk shit in the same house as me, I will hear you!! Promise! 

7 // I do not have a single cavity...thanks mom and dad for the good genes and for making me brush and floss every day! 

8 // I can remember numbers really well...which I imagine will come in very handy if I ever get sent to jail (I'll remember everyone's phone numbers when I have to make my 'get out of jail' call). 

9 // I grew up listening to country music only. I was not allowed to listen to rap music--which made hanging out with Ashley really awkward. Her mom only listened to rap and I was a religious rule follower (see how that made car rides with them real awkward?!?).

Here are some of my most favorite country artists-- 


10 // Last fact, I absolutely hate the dentist. I love MY dentist but I hate going 😔 I hate the sounds and the grinding on my teeth. It gives me the chills and is overall just horrible!! 


Did you learn anything new about me?!? I'm a pretty interesting person...if you ask me 😆