Lo's Bridal Shower

We want to take a second to talk about our favorite sister-in-law (yeah, this is Taylor and Jordan here), Lauren...or Lo...or Lolo. Also, she is our favorite but she's also our only--hahaha!

I'm going to paint you a little picture of what this day looked like. Oversized balloons. Pinks. Eucalyptus runners. Yummy yummy food. Lots of mimosas. Your best girls. A good damn day. 

Okay, now to elaborate!

We moved all of the furniture out of the main living room and brought it all sorts of vintage furniture for all of the guests to sit on. We met everyone at the door with a mimosa (yum). We had so many juice options and frozen berries to add to their drinks too. The menu included maple sugared bacon...yeah, you read that right. Maple. Sugared. Bacon. Haven't tried it? You should!! Games were played, gifts were opened, and music played the entire time. OH and their engagement photos (done by our favorite, Sammy Mac) were made into a fun little slideshow that played for everyone to see. 

Lauren had never actually attended a bridal shower before so everything was a big surprise to her. She literally didn't have any clue what was happening throughout the day. It was fun to get to experience this with her! All of her friends showered her with some of the cutest lingerie and some very very fun toys--yes, grownups still like toys : ) Basically we had way too much fun that day and consumed wayyyyyy too much champagne!! 

For now, the wedding planning continues and things are looking so damn stunning--this wedding will definitely be one of our favorites EVER(duh!!!). Check back to see the cool shit we create in September when Lo+Con get married...again!! 


The Girls of B+P!

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