Jordan + Zack // Intimate Couples Session // Apostrophe & Co

Zack and I hadn’t been together for YEARS when we decided to do an intimate session with A&Co BUT we are so glad we did!!! We were both a little nervous, we decided really last minute that we wanted to do it, so of course my head went to all of my imperfections and flaws. Ironically, his did too! I’ve been around the camera a bit more than he has so naturally he was much more nervous than I was. Ultimately I was really excited to have that moment in our relationship captured forever. 

We did the shoot and had a blast doing it. The rad music in the background really helped me loosen up!! Once he was told that he could kiss me as much as he wanted to he was golden. We finished our session and walked out of there with HIM saying how glad he was that we did it—and guys, that’s without seeing a single image!! 

We got our images back and I was soooo happy with them!! Because of how sexy, but still super appropriate they were, they now hang on our living room wall. They are a focal point of our downstairs and every single day I get to look at them and reflect on that period in our relationship.

I’m looking forward to the next time we do another one!