If my MOM can do boudoir, so can you! | Flame by Sam | Samantha McFarlen | A Boudoir Experience

For Mother’s Day last year we knew we HAD to get my mom something to commemorate how incredible she is—and what better way to do that then with photos that make you feel beautiful, empowered, and sexy?! She FINALLY felt ready at the end of summer and Sam was ready for her!

We also hired Anne Timss to do my mom’s makeup and hair because having someone who knows how to do camera-ready makeup is SO important, and it also just added to the glamour of it all!

We showed up and my mom started drinking tequila straight from the bottle. While you might be like “Whoa, she must’ve been nervous”, you wouldn’t be wrong, but also, in family we drink tequila (and fireball) like it’s water.

Take a look and see how my mom ROCKED her shoot—and stay to the end for a special treat!

This is me, being a stage mom—fluffing her hair. I’m too much for myself sometimes.

If you made it to the end, Sam is booking a MOMS ONLY Boudoir Bash—yep! You heard it here first. So, if you wanna get it on that, you’ve gotta reach out to her STAT! Email her hello@samanthamcfarlen.com to get your session booked—oh and this time my girl Alicia, with Rogue Styling is joining for makeup! And guess what that means?! You’re in SUCH good hands, because she did my brother’s wedding, so you KNOW we trust her! It’s slated for Sunday April 7th!