Attracting your ideal client is such a hot topic these days, and with good reason! Chances are you got in business for yourself because you LOVE your art. But, taking on too much of something you don't like is gonna leave you feeling empty and burnt out. The age old question is how can we avoid that? Now we'll bring back the words 'ideal client' and tell you that working with your ideal client is going to make your job rewarding and gratifying AND it's going to keep you in business longer (since you'll have a happy heart)!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've discussed this topic in depth with our sweet and quirky friend Lora of Lora Grady Photography. She notes "As a photographer with a true artist heart, I DO get burnt out more easily when I'm photographing things I don't enjoy photographing. When I think back to the times in my career where I felt the least inspired, and really analyze why I felt that way--it was with clients who I didn't feel I "clicked" with. And then I think of my most favorite weddings ever; it is hands down because I felt such a connection with the couple. Stylistically, sure! But on a deeper level."

Lots of people ask these questions when identifying their ideal client (and there's nothing wrong with these questions):What do they wear? Where do they shop? What is their job? How much money do they make? What colors do they love? 

Through chatting more with Lora the other night, we realized that there needed to be a shift. A shift in our mindsets, from looking for an ideal client to looking for an ideal philosophy. You see, once you've identified your ideal philosophy, then you have indeed identified your ideal client. 

Let's analyze the mindset shift a bit, okay?

Ideal client: Loves pink, peonies, and gold. Shops at Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Whole Foods. Wears Lilly Pulitzer and has several Coach bags.

Ideal philosophy: Cares deeply about relationships. Values experiences over things. Confident in their personal style. Authentic to who they are.

The person we just described has values that matter to us; a heart that matters to us. Our "core values align with theirs", as Lora would say. We want to plan and design weddings for couples who value human connection and relationships, who love those around them, and who want to celebrate their love in a bold way that is authentic to who they are as a couple--and Lora helped us to iterate that because of how she connects with her clients. That's the 'why' behind what we do, right? So it would only make sense that we want to work with couples who share a similar heart.

They can love blush and ivory or bold blooms and leather--you see, our ideal client isn't cookie cutter. They are a person who values us as their wedding planners and designers. They care about the relationship we are going to build. They care about their guests. 

We have clients who like soft romantic sunset colors in a vineyard setting with custom champagne and some like hues of maroons and raspberry with pops of turquoise as an ode to their native heritage and have their signature cocktails named after their dogs. And we love them all!

Lora says it best: "I celebrate alongside them on their wedding day, and I'm there to work hard and serve them well, and they appreciate that."

We encourage you to take a minute and think about what you're ideal philosophy looks like and what's at the heart of your ideal client, and now it's your turn--tell us about your ideal philosophy. 

What do your clients stand for? What do they believe in? 


The Girls of B+P


Photos by Lora Grady Photography